Customize your SK-Go

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    SK-Mini & SK-Go
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    SK-Mini size comparison with 13" MacBook Pro
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    Metal motion joints
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    Direct extrusion
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    Sensorless homing
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    Magnetic PEI plate & dual 8cm part-cooling fan
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    Belt-synchronized Z axis and belt tensioner


  • 310 x 310 mm^2 XY plane, 300mm or 350mm in Z
  • 2020 black anodized aluminum extrusions as frame
  • HIWIN linear rails at XYZ axes
  • ACM bracket and back panel
  • SKR v1.3 32-bit control board + 12864 LCD display + TMC2209 drivers
  • Duet2 WIFI (optional)
  • TriangleLab BMG extruder + hotend (full metal heatbreak)
  • 350W MeanWell power supply unit
  • 400W 110V or 220V AC-powered heater
  • 3mm-thick aluminum bed
  • 4cm part-cooling blower with fan duct
  • 6mm-wide 2GT belt and pulleys
  • Solid state relay
  • Fusebox
  • Force sensitive resistor auto bed leveling sensor
  • Handles
  • Hardwares (bolts, nuts, washers, springs, etc.)
  • Wires and cable
  • Printed plastic parts
  • Magnetic PEI printing surface
  • Dimension about W51 x L55 x H51 cm^3 (handles and display cover not measured)
  • Net weight is about 14 KG and varies with the option chosen


    This is a complete kit with plenty rooms of customization for your liking and might take you 2~5 working days of assembly and tuning, according to customers' feedback. Even the designer needs 8~10 working hours to complete it. Some basic mechanical and electric background knowledge are must.

    You can use your preferred slicer and compile a customized firmware with parameters. Please note the performance of printer might differ depending on your assembly and tuning.

    It's not recommended if you are new to 3D printing, but there are still newbies built their machines and posted in SecKit group. Please also check the latest Assembly Manual on SecKit's GitHub repository and see if you're OK with the whole assembly. Have fun!

Order steps

  1. Customize your options listed below.
  2. Pay with your credit card. A 3D-Secure transaction enabled card is preferred.
  3. (If out of stock) Factory starts making components.
  4. We send the package and tracking number to you.
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1/9 - Model
2/9 - Frame
3/9 - Control Board
Please download and flash firmware binary by yourself.
You will get some terminals, ferrules and crimp by yourself. Duet users are expected to complete the figuration by themselves because SecKit hasn't release parameters for Duet yet. You can do it based on SecKit tuned Marlin configuration files.
24V control board with sensorless homing ability is a must. If you choose drivers without sensorless homing, you have to design mounts for XY endstop switches.
4/9 - Extruder
5/9 - Bed
6/9 - Build plate
7/9 - Printed plastic parts
Printing parts is very time consuming and we'd rather have you print them by yourself. Download STLs from GitHub
  • Z endtop mount is a must-have for the initial print and will be included for free. For the others there are workarounds as described in this GitHub page for you to print by yourself.
8/9 - Power socket type
Socket type:
  • SecKit can only provides types B/F/G/I currently. Please self-source a converter if your type is not provided.
  • The switch in MeanWell PSU can be selected between 110V and 220V
9/9 - Shipping method

During COVID-19 pandemic Taiwan Post Office has suspended EMS & air-land shipping since April 2020, therefore DHL will be the only available option.

Your price: USD USD
shipping fee: --- USD
Temporarily paused
(May 6th) Temporarily pause accepting orders because there are still tens of backlogged orders and need about 2 more weeks before orders digested. Stay safe and healthy! 🙏
  • Lead time If out of stock, metal joints will be manufactured after order being placed so please allow a lead time of 2~3 weeks before packages arrived at your house 😅
  • After placing the order we'll update you the progress frequently.
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