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SK-Go³ Essential Kit

  • SK-Go³ features (click to expand)
    • Build volume about 310 x 310 x 350 mm^3
    • Outer dimension W520 x D50 x H500 mm^3
    • Net weight about 16 KG
    • 2020, 2040 aluminum extrusion
    • Carbon fiber or aluminum X gantry
    • ACM back panel for easy customization
    • 6 linear guides in XYZ axes
    • 10mm Gates LL-2GT RF belts
    • Servo42C Close-loop controll XY steppers
    • 3 independent Z-banding-free lead screw drives
    • 1/4" MIC-6 bed aluminum bed
    • 400W 110V or 220V AC-powered heater
    • Magnetic PEI printing surface
    • Klipper & ReprapFirmware compatible.
    Please note that features above vary with your options.
SK-Go³ Essential Kit contains all specifically designed parts for SK-Go³. With self-sourcing components in SK-Go³ BOM list you can build a complete SK-Go³ CoreXY 3D Printer (310x310x350 mm^3).
XY axes
  • Aluminum XY joiner set (x2)
  • Aluminum X back tube (x1)
  • Aluminum extruder carriage set (x1)
  • Gates LL-2GT RF belt (3 meter)
  • Steel XY stepper mounts (x2)
  • Steel pulley housings (x2)
  • Aluminum spacers (x8)
  • 604zz ball bearing idlers (x24)
  • GT2 20T pulley (x2)
  • (Linear guides are excluded)

CoreXY motion components for SK-Go and other 2020 aluminum extrusion based frames. All structural components are made by stainless steel, aluminum, and light weight carbon fiber.

Backward compatible with the Z axis driven by lead screws, Belted-Z, and Triple-Z used in Go¹ & Go².

Z axis
XY steppers
Frame brackets
Build Plate
Shipping method
(2022 Sep) Due to the high emergency surcharge since COVID, shipping fees of sending packages over 2KG by the Post Office is similar or even higher than DHL, so it's suggest to use the Post Office only with small items.
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