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Sit on the printer SK-Tank SK-Tank SK-Tank

Configure Your Tank v2

  • Tank v2 features (click to toggle)
    • Build volume about 400 x 400 x 400 mm^3
    • Outer dimension W680 x D610 x H760mm mm^3 (alpha)
    • Net weight about 25~30 KG
    • Easy assemble 304 stainless steel frame
    • Light weight carbon fiber X gantry
    • ACM back panel for easy customization
    • 3mm polycarbonate panels - New!
    • 500W PTC chamber heater - New!
    • 6 linear guides in XYZ axes
    • 9mm Gates LL-2GT RF belts
    • Two LDO-42STH48-2504AC 1.8° steppers
    • The CoG of gantry is nearer Y linear blocks. Less torque under high acc/spd movements - New!
    • MGN9/MGN12 swappable X rail. Default MGN9 for less moving mass - New!
    • Industrial stacked 604zz as idlers - New!
    • 3 independent SFU1204 ball screw Z drives - New!
    • Wobble Wafer anti-Z-wobble mechanism - New!
    • Mounting holes for 4 XY steppers ready. All 4 steppers are outside the frame - New!
    • TriangleLab TBG AIR big gear extruder + CHC ceramic heater hotend - New!
    • DAB the direct nozzle probing mechanism - New!
    • Inductive ABL sensor
    • 1/4" MIC-6 bed aluminum bed
    • 400W AC-powered heater
    • Magnetic PEI printing surface
    • Klipper & RepRapFirmware compatible.
    • HDMI 5" touch panel - New!
    • MeanWell power supply unit
    • 5cm part-cooling blower with fan duct
    • Solid state relay
    • Fusebox
    • Hardwares
    • Wires and cable
    • Self-printed accessories in the Tank v2 GitHub repository
    • Tank v2 mockup CAD file ready - New!
    Please note that features above vary with your options.
Z probe
Control Board
Both Klipper or ReprapFirmware are available for the Tank and each of them provides a wonderful web interface which allows you to access the full capability of your Tank. Please download firmware configuration files from Tank GitHub repository .
Closed loop stepper controller
Socket type:
  • SecKit can only provides types B/F/G/I currently. Please self-source a converter if your socket type is not supported.
  • The switch in MeanWell PSU can be selected between 110V and 220V
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