SecKit, Your Second 3D Printer Kit

the overkill CoreXY platform to get you out of endless repair-tweak-upgrade loop and get things done

Overkill Design

3030 aluminum extrusion, all-metal joints and 10mm belts create much more rigidity than a 3D printer needs.


Water-cooling direct extruder and AC-powered heat bed enable long-time multi-material printing.

Easy Maintenace

3-point bed leveling, wide belts, large bearings and linear components help you maintain more easily.

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Solid Frame
Frame is the most fundemental of FDM 3D printing quality. 3030 aluminum extrusions make a solid frame for high speed printing.
Genuine HIWIN Linear Rail
MGN12H linear blocks with preload level Z0 provide precise and rigid linear motion. You don't even need to worry after an accidental crash.
Quality components save you even more time and money.
All-Metal Joints
Stepper mounts, XY joiners, idler mounts are all aluminum or steel. No more broken or molten components, no more crooked prints.
Enjoy printing.
Don't struggle on tweaking and reparing.
MKS Servo42
Servo motors let print at high speed without losing a single step.
100mm/s is daily life.
150mm/s is not a dream.
Aluminum Tooling Plate
6mm aluminum tooling plate provides a solid and super flat printing surface. No deformation and heated up evenly.
AC-Powered Heater
AC-powered heater heats the bed up to 135 °C for high-temperature materials.
3-Point Bed Leveling
3 points form a basic plane. A solid bed with 3-point adjustment is faster and much more expectable to find bed level than a 4-point system.
Flat bed and expectable leveling is what you want, not an extra mechanism to fix the curvature.
Thermal Expansion Consideration
Kinemetic design eliminates internal thermal stress under high temperature. 304 steel Y plates provide similar CTE with linear rails.
10mm Belt System
With larger bearings and less strechibility from the wider belts, you get quality prints at higher speed. No more squeaking from small idlers.
Belt-sync Z lead screws
Two Z lead screws are driven by one single stepper and a closed belt, thus eliminates the possibility that two Z steppers lose sync.
Minimized number of components help improve rigidity and maintain easily.
Easy Belt Tensioner
Belt tension can be easily adjusted by pulling XY stepper mounts or Z pulley mounts, but not adjust at the tiny space behind X carriage. You can find equal tension for both belts easily.
Water-Cooling Direct Extrusion
Trianglelab Titan Aqua direct water-cooling extruder ensures long-time print quality and enable multi-material printing easily. No fan attached on the extruder reduces repairing possibility.
Optical Endstops
Non-contact, non-movable optical switches extend service life.