SecKit, Your Second 3D Printer Kit

the overkill CoreXY platform to get you out of endless repair-tweak-upgrade loop and get things done

Overkill Design

304 steel frame structure, all-metal joints create more rigidity than a 3D printer needs.

Highly Customizable

Explore what you can do with those holes, back panel and redundant space.

Easy Maintenace

Exposed motion components and electronics help you maintain more easily.

SK-Tank Suites 350x350x400

● included ○ configurable
Parts Barebones Full Kit
Easy-assemble CoreXY frame
8mm bed with kinematic mounts
3 Belted-Z auto bed tramming
Easy customized ACM back panel
Bolts, nuts, washers
All necessary electronics Self-sourcing list
PTFE tube, nylon sleeve, cable ties, etc.
LDO 0.9° XY steppers
Control board
Magnetic PEI sheet
The new SK-Cube 200x200x200 is in beta stage!