SecKit, Your Second 3D Printer Kit

the overkill CoreXY platform to get you out of endless repair-tweak-upgrade loop and get things done

Overkill Design

2020 & 2040 aluminum extrusion, all-metal joints create more rigidity than a 3D printer needs.

Highly Customizable

Explore what you can do with those holes, back panel and redundant space.

Easy Maintenace

Exposed motion components and electronics help you maintain more easily.


Don't be misled. The community has proven SecKit printers CAN print even as a stock Full Kit for 1000+ hours.

Owners just can't help putting more fun stuffs onto their printers.


SK-Go² Suites

● included ○ configurable
Parts Foundation Barebones Full Kit
CoreXY & Z system
Bed assembly & heater
5 Linear guides
4 meter Gates 2GT open belt
2 lead screws
20 anodized aluminum brackets
20 pulleys & gears
700+ bolts, nuts, washers
Aluminum extrusion frame
All necessary electronics
PTFE tube, nylon sleeve, cable ties, etc.
Control board
XY steppers
Magnetic PEI
Printed plastic parts