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Within the 6 months after you receive your SecKit product(s):

  1. SecKit should be responsible for sending wrong items or faulty parts which are designed by SecKit and factories manufacture them directly for SecKit (frames, aluminum and ACM plates, wires). SecKit willl send you a correct component.
  2. If SecKit is responsible for sending a wrong component, or any of the belts, pulleys, gears, bearings, or lead screws is defective, SecKit will send a replacement to you. If a component of the same specification or function can be bought from another supplier and the total cost including shipping is lower, SecKit will provide a partial refund.
  3. For full printer kits and pre-assembled printers, HIWIN linear guides supplied by Taiwan HIWIN distributor sent to the countries in zone 1 to 6 defined by DHL are eligible for an one-time-only free replacement. You must contact SecKit before returning, return the same linear guides and follow SecKit's instructions on packing. DHL will retrieve them at the same shipment address of your order.
  4. To be eligible for the above terms, you should contact SecKit within 7 days of arrival of the order, subjected to the traking status of carriers.
  5. Extruder and electronics components (including but not limited to sensors, power supply unit, stepping motors, control boards and stepping motor driver modules) are not covered by this Warranty.
  6. Damage caused by abnormal use or during assembly are not covered by this Warranty.