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Configure Your Cube

  • SK-Cube features (click to expand)
    • Build volume about 200 x 200 x 250 mm^3
    • Outer dimension W405 x D400 x H470 mm^3
    • Net weight about 20 KG
    • Easy assemble 304 stainless steel frame
    • PC enclosure panels & PTC active chamber heater
    • Light weight CNC aluminum XY joiners
    • Light weight carbon firber extruder carriage
    • ACM back & bottom panel for easy customization
    • 6 linear guides in XYZ axes
    • 10mm Gates LL-2GT RF belts
    • Servo42C Close-loop controll XY steppers
    • 3 independent wobble-free belt driven Z drives
    • 1/4" MIC-6 bed aluminum bed
    • 350W 110V or 220V AC-powered heater
    • Magnetic PEI printing surface
    • Klipper & ReprapFirmware compatible.
    • MeanWell power supply unit
    • BMG clone, replacable extruder
    • Inductive ABL sensor
    • 4cm part-cooling blower with fan duct
    • Solid state relay
    • Fusebox
    • Hardwares
    • Wires and cable
    • Printed plastic parts
    Please note that features above vary with your options.
Linear Motion
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Control Board
Both Klipper or ReprapFirmware are available for SK-Cube and each of them provides a wonderful web interface which allows you to access the full capability of your SK-Cube. Please download firmware configuration files from SK-Cube GitHub repository .
XY steppers
Build Plate
Assembly Service
This is a new work flow for me 😅 In order to minimize the expectation gap between us, please discuss the details about your requirements using the chat button. The formal price will be USD 400.
Socket type:
  • SecKit can only provides types B/F/G/I currently. Please self-source a converter if your socket type is not supported.
  • The switch in MeanWell PSU can be selected between 110V and 220V
Shipping method
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Kit price
Shipping fee
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