Belt-driven Z axis is much easier be to adjusted and avoid the Z-banding issue commonly found in leadscrew-driven scenario.

When power-off this kit can maintain a 4+ KG bed in position (at the cost of max speed 7.5 mm/s), so with proper redesign of bed frame carrier it can be integrated into a non-SecKit, aluminum extrusion based model.

  • Stepper and planar gearbox x 1
  • 10mm 2GT belt x 1.5 meter
  • Closed-loop belt x 1
  • Aluminum belt clamp x 2
  • Top pulley house x 2
  • Bottom bearing mount x 2
  • Sync shaft x 1
  • Pulley & idler x 6
  • Necessary hardwares
79.9 USD
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Self-print components
Download from SecKit GitHub repository and print belt clamp base and planar gear box mount.
Assembly Manual
Net Weight
0.7 KG
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