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SK-Go³ Triple-Z

This kit contains 3 sets of lead screw Z drives with 3 Wobble Wafers to eliminate possible Z-bandings.

A 6+ driver slot control board for XYZZZE is recommended, but if you mechanically connect the 2 left-side bed supports with an aluminum extrusion, and power 2 steppers with 1 driver module, a 5 slot control board is still applicable.

Two options, partial and full, are provided as the emergency surcharge of international shipping is high after COVID. With the partial kit you'll need to prepare 3 lead screws and 3 steppers. With the full kit, it's assumed that you already have one 1.8° Z stepper and two linear guides in your SK-Go 1 or 2.

  • Wobble Wafer (x3)
  • Steel components (x3)
  • 20T pulley B5 (x3)
  • 20T idler B8 (x3)
  • 130mm closed-loop belt (x3)
  • Bearing block KFL08 (x3)
Included in the full kit only:
  • Non-HIWIN MGN12C 400mm linear guide (x1)
  • 2020 aluminum extrusion 430mm (x1)
  • T8 4mm-pitch lead screws (x3)
  • NEMA17 1.8° steppers (x2)
Shipping weight
About 1.35 KG
79 USD
Self-print components
Download and print 3-point kinematic mounts for the bed from SecKit GitHub repository.
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