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Wobble Wafer

Wobble Wafer eliminates Z bandings by decoupling XY wobbles due to imperfect T8 lead screw from Z motion.

No flat surface contact. Smoothly wobble with ball bearings inside. 9.5mm height. 31.9g including bolts and nuts.

It has threaded hole patterns of a T8 lead screw nut at both top and bottom, thus fits SK-Go 1~3. Just treat it as a spacer of the lead screw nut.

1 set of Wobble Wafer includes:
  • Wobble Wafer (x1)
  • M3x18 bolt (x4)
  • M3 nyloc nut (x4)
  • M3x8x1.0 washer (x4)
  • 2 sets: 30 USD
  • 3 sets: 39 USD
  • 4 ~ 9 sets: 12 USD/set
  • 10 & more sets: 11 USD/set
Please contact for a distributor price.
Self-print components
Net Weight
About 31.9 g/set
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