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SK-Go² Triple-Z

This has been deprecated. Please check the new SK-Go3 Triple-Z.

This kit comes with 3 independent belt-driven Z drives which enables auto bed tramming and can sustain a total 4 KG payload (bed + print) without free fall while steppers disabled. Belt drives and a built-in kinematic coupler eliminate Z wobble.

Besides SK-Go 1 & 2, this kit can also be applied to other cube-style printers with 2020 aluminum extrusions as the frame. The bed is floating on the kinematic coupler but not fastened to bed carriages, the belt drives positions can be adjusted for different build planes, and belts are swappable for different heights.

All pulley housings and stepper mounts are made of 2.5mm-thick 304 steel sheets, which also acts as frame brackets and enhance frame rigidity.

Choose one of the options below and contents will be changed accordingly. For SK-Go owners, since you already have some necessary components, the kit will include only necessary components for upgrade.

  • 2020 aluminum 430mm extrusion(s)
  • MGN12C 400mm linear guide(s)
  • NEMA17 1.8° steppers

  • 21 pieces of steel pulley housings and stepper mounts
  • 4.5 meter Gates 10mm-wide 2GT belt
  • 12 pulleys & idlers
  • 3 static force springs
  • 1 inductive sensor
  • 180+ bolts, washers, nuts, steel balls
SK-Go owners, please login to get a discounted price. The default password is your SK-Go order ID.
Self-print components
Download and print 6 small belt clamp sticks and 1 bed fixed mount from SecKit GitHub repository.
Net Weight
About KG
The length of included belt and 400mm rail are for SK-Go Z350. This rail still fits a Z300 model, only with some parts being extended to the upper and lower Y extrusions. Please remind SecKit to cut the 430mm extrusion to 380mm.
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