SK-Cube Printer Full Kit (beta)

(2022/03/03 update) The purpose of beta stage is to find out possible bugs and shortcomings to be fixed, but not your compliments or paid reviews. As always I need honest feedbacks so I can know where and how to improve. Therefore, instead of refunding after review, the price is now directly lowered by 100 USD. Invited reviewers who have paid will also be refunded immediately. Looking forward to your feedbacks on SK-Cube 🙏

(2022/02) This is a temporary purchase page for SK-Cube Beta Review Program. Please select one of the options below for a SK-Cube beta printer kit, and check this page to include a SK-Cube enclosure kit.

Price tags have been updated as a 3rd Z drive (linear rail, frame, gearbox stepper and 6-slot control board) is added in reponse to community request. This enables auto bed tramming and stablizes the bed better.

RepRapFirmware running on BigTreeTech GTR + WiFi module is the default option. If you prefer other firmware or control board, please exclude the board below.

Invited reviewers will get a 100 USD discount after review completed. Non-invited customers can also pre-order in this page, or wait for a formal configurator, which has more options like barebones kit, PEI, RPi 4B, pre-assemble, etc., to be released after beta stage. Thank you very much for your liking 🙏

BTW, SK-Go & SK-Tank owners get a 5% discount 😁 (in the form of partial refund due to less coding in this temporary page)

SK-Cube Beta Options

If you exclude the control board, please self-prepare a board with at least 6 driver slots and 4 driver modules for ZZZE.

Two sets of "MKS Servo42C driver + 1.8° stepper" will always be included for XY and are highly recommended. Check the videos below for quiet printing!

👉👉 Here is the SK-Cube Enclosure Kit.

USD USD (beta version only)
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Kit Features & Content
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  • Overkill & stackable frame
    • Build volume X200 x Y200 x Z200 mm^3
    • New stackable steel frame and less assembly time
    • Compact XY joiners machined from a whole aluminum block
    • Lightweight carbon fiber extruder carriage
    • BMG clone extruder & Volcano hotend
    • Optional enclosure kit
  • Quiet & closed-loop CoreXY kinematic
    • MKS Servo42C + 1.8° steppers for XY for VFA-free, quiet printing and never loose a step
    • Gates LL-2GT RF 10mm belts used in XYZ with built-in belt tensioners
    • Industrial F604zz & 604zz as CoreXY idlers for longer life
  • Triple-Z & powerful bed heater
    • Triple belt-driven Z axis enabling auto bed tramming and eliminating Z banding
    • MIC-6 6mm casted aluminum bed for more consistent thermal expansion
    • Fast heat-up 350W AC-powered bed heater, about 0.88W/cm^2
    • Smooth + textured magnetic PEI sheet
  • Easy-access electronics
    • BigTreeTech GTR + four TMC2225 for ZZZE + WIFI module for RepRapFirmware
    • Meanwell LRS-200-24 power supply unit
    • AC electric components under bottom panel for safety reason
    • DC electric components at rear panel for easy access
  • Dimension & weight
    • Outer dimension W410 x H475 x D400 mm^3 including rear control board
    • Net weight about 14KG without enclosure
Self-print components
Download STLs and print some small non-structural accessories from SecKit SK-Cube GitHub repository (TBD).
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