SK-Cube Enclosure Kit

PC panels, active PTC heater, and chamber filter fan for SK-Cube.

Return to this page for a SK-Cube beta printer kit.

  • 5 pieces of polycarbonate side panels and front door
  • 2 hinges
  • 15 magnets
  • Adheisve silicone sealing stripes
  • Heat isolation covers for XY steppers inside the chamber
  • 6cm chamber fan & HEPA filter
  • 500W AC powered active PTC chamber heater
  • Chamber temperature sensor
  • Bolts & nuts
120 USD
Self-print components
Download STLs of heater stand, small printed clips & temperature sensor mount from SecKit SK-Cube GitHub repository (TBD).
Net weight
About 3.2 KG
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