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Prototype alpha
Sit on the printer
Printing castle
Endurance test prints
Parts Barebones Full Kit
Easy-assemble CoreXY frame
8mm bed with kinematic mounts
3 Belted-Z auto bed tramming
Easy customized ACM back panel
Bolts, nuts, washers
All necessary electronics Self-sourcing list
PTFE tube, nylon sleeve, cable ties, etc.
LDO 0.9° as XY steppers
Control board
Magnetic PEI
Printed plastic parts PS.
● included ○ configurable
PS. SK-Tank can still start it's initial print without most printed parts. Essential printed parts for Z endstop will be included. Check these workarounds if you don't have another printer.
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  • • SK-Tank Spec
    • 350 x 350 x 400 mm^3 build volume
    • Easy assemble sheet metal frame
    • 6 linear guides in XYZ axes
    • 3 independent Belted-Z drives
    • 2GT 10mm-wide belt system
    • 8mm 5083 aluminum bed
    • ACM back panel for easy customization
    • Mellow Fly CDY v2 + six TMC2225 drivers running RepRapFirmware. Klipper & Marlin compatible.
    • BMG clone extruder
    • Inductive ABL sensor
    • MeanWell power supply unit
    • 400W 110V or 220V AC-powered heater
    • 4cm part-cooling blower with fan duct
    • Solid state relay
    • Fusebox
    • Hardwares
    • Wires and cable
    • Printed plastic parts
    • Magnetic PEI printing surface
    • Outer dimension H71 x W56 x D53 cm^3
    • Net weight is about 24 KG
    • Features listed above vary with your options
  • • Target User: this is NOT a novice-friendly kit

    This is a kit with plenty rooms of customization for your liking and might take you 1~3 working days of assembly and tuning.

    This printer won't be friendly if you're new to FDM 3D printing. To make it print you need all these knowledge and skills which result in steep learning curve: common sense of mechanical skill and material strength, basic electronics, knowledge of slicing, machine tuning and maintenance.

    You can use your preferred slicer and firmware parameters. Please note the performance of printer might differ depending on your assembly and tuning. With Volcano hotend and proper tuning, conservatively you'll get decent prints over 100mm/s.

    Please also check the latest Assembly Manual (link TBD) on SK-Tank GitHub repository and see if you're OK with the whole assembly. Also welcome join SecKit group and check owners' sharing. Happy 3D printing!

  • • Shipping speed won't be that fast

    Thank for all your liking but I'm sorry SecKit is still a 1-man business doing everything so shipping won't be that fast. Kits will be sent in groups of 20 orders because of my limited stamina and warehouse size and hope I can deliver a group each 1~2 weeks.

    Please understand sometimes there will be unexpected surprises such as suppliers sending wrong compnents, logistics or custom clearance problem. I'll try to hire helpers in 2021 and will email status updates to you frequently.

    Not being arrogant, if you want a printer in a hurry or the best customer service, I'd suggest you to choose printers from other well-developed brands. I just don't want your to wait so long. 😅🙏

  • • Order Steps
    1. Customize your options listed below.
    2. Pay with your credit card. A 3D-Secure transaction enabled card is preferred.
    3. (If out of stock) Factory starts making components.
    4. SecKit sends the package and tracking number to you.
    Payment service is supported by , a Taiwan payment service provider with PCI DSS Level 1 certified.
Frame + motional components + 3 Z gearbox steppers only. Follow this list and self-source all other electronics and accessories.
All components of a full-function printer. Configure your options below.
Linear Motion
Supplied by a Taiwan distributor assigned by HIWIN. Linear blocks are pre-installed onto rails.
Timing Belt
Control Board
Please note there is no display included. Connect the printer with a PC / notebook / mobile browser via wireless LAN. Follow this manual (TBD) to setup your RRF on Mellow Fly CDY v2.
(A global shortage of ICs for display panels in 2021 makes it expensive than before)
A 24V control board with 6+ driver slots is a must.
Build Plate
Energetic3D magnetic PEI plates, 350x350 mm^2
Country and power socket type
Socket type:
  • SecKit can only provides types B/F/G/I currently. Please self-source a converter if your type is not provided.
  • The switch in MeanWell PSU can be selected between 110V and 220V
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(Apr 18) The orders of components for beta review have been placed. I'll try to send the kit as fast as I can. 😅 If you place an order now you'll be in Group 1 which kits will be sent after feedbacks from beta reviewers are integrated. Any questions please contact me by the messenger button below.

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