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SK-Tank Carbon Fiber Gantry

This carbon fiber + MGN9 gantry for SK-Tank weighs about 480g (P.S.) and saves about 24% moving weight of the all-metal (aluminum parts + MGN12) gantry.

Compared to the all-metal gantry which has a similar Coefficient of Thermal Expansion to the frame and is more suitable for high temperature printing in an enclosed chamber, choose this lighter gantry if you do more fast & low temperature (PLA, PETG, etc) prints and want a minimum ringing effect with input shaper enabled.

P.S. The above photo shows a 1st prototype with 3mm-thick extruder carriage and the overall weight is about 466g. You'll get a stronger 4mm extruder carriage so the weight increases to about 480g. Please note the weight is measured with XY joiner pulleys and linear block installed, extruder and stepper not installed.
  • 1 MGN9H linear block & 400mm linear rail
  • 2 carbon fiber XY joiners
  • 1 carbon fiber X back tube
  • 1 carbon fiber extruder carriage plate (4mm-thick)
  • 1 carbon fiber extruder adaptor plate (3mm-thick)
  • 2 carbon fiber belt handlers (3mm-thick)
  • Hardwares for the carbon fiber extruder and linear rail.
For XY joiners, please just use the original pulleys and hardwares in your SK-Tank.
SK-Tank owners, please login to get a real price. The default password is your SK-Tank order ID.
Self-print components
Download and print some tiny belt handler washers and the X endstop base from SecKit GitHub repository.
Please check chapter (5) Pulley Sets, (6) Frame, (8) XY Plane and (10) Extruder in SK-Tank Assembly Manual.
Net Weight
About 0.5 KG
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