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9-Point Leveling Bed

Mechanically level the printing surface with 9 screws and print a perfect 1st layer without ABL sensor.
  • Bed frame x 1
  • 328x328 mm^2 build plate x 1
  • 400W line-powered bed heater x 1
  • 130℃ thermal fuse x 2
  • L-shape bed support x 2
  • Hardware set x 1
PEI plate and rubber magnet are not included.
_____ USD
Net Weight
About 2.6 KG

You need a smooth, textured, 2-sided PEI plate, or other build surface like boro glass or kapton tape. If you already have a PEI steel sheet and will use it on this 9-Point Leveling Bed, choose a rubber magnet.

This kit is for SK-Go owners only. 9-Point Leveling Bed is a standard feature in SK-Go².

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