Customize your SK-300/SK-600

If you're looking for SK-Go, please go to this page.
Here is for SK-300, a more advanced and expensive (USD 1000+) model. Orders for SK-300 will be resumed later after SK-Go. 😅
  1. Choose the components listed below.
  2. Pay 50% of the price as deposit via Paypal.
  3. Factory starts making components.
  4. Pay balance + shipping fee and we'll send the package and tracking number to you.
1/9 - Base Model
Common components including metal joints, tooling plate, Meanwell power supply unit, pulleys, lead screws, bolts and nuts, accessories, etc.
2/9 - 3030 aluminum extrusions & brackets
  • Self-sourcing aluminum extrusions saves 10 ~ 15 KG in international shipping. To save shipping cost we encourage you to source aluminum extrusions at your local dealer, such as Misumi.
  • Check frame spec here for dimensions of 22 extrusions, thread tapping, wrench holes drilling, and 26 bracket sets.
3/9 - Linear Motion
4/9 - Control Board
5/9 - XY Steppers
6/9 - Extruder
7/9 - AC-Powered Bed Heater
8/9 - Boro Glass
If you prefer printing on a glass, to reduce risk on international shipping, please buy boro glass from your local dealer. 300x300mm is OK with large clips. 310x310mm is best but don't exceed this size or it will collide with springs.
9/9 - Panels & Part-cooling Fan Mount
Panels & fan mount are relative large and fragile compared to other components. Double-layer PC, acrylic, MDF, or cardboard are good for panels. Please get STL files at Thingiverse and print fan mount by yourself.
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Summarize & check out
(Feb 10th) More than 80 cities in china have been closed due to 2019-nCov disease and my suppliers don't know when they can return to work either. The epidemic is still worsening and the time will depends on how it is controlled. Wish you safe too! 🙏
  • Lead time Metal joints are manufactured after order being placed so please allow a lead time of 2 ~ 3 weeks before packages arrived at your house 😅
  • Weights The weight without aluminum extrusions will be around 12~15 KG. Aluminum extrusions will be about 10~15 KG.
  • Self-sourcing For SK-300/SK-600, we encourage you to buy aluminum extrusions according to frame spec from your local dealer, such as Misumi, to reduce shipping weight.
  • Shipping cost The total shipping cost are depended on your component choice and will be updated to you before shipping. Please refer to International Shipping Fee.
  • After placing the order we'll update you the progress frequently.